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Wahl 9855-1216 groomsman pro


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Quality cordless trimmer Wahl 9855-1216 groomsman for three shaving heads are suitable for treatment of hair and hair all over the body. The trimmer is equipped Sete steel blades and four combs with trimming cutting height of 3 mm to 12 mm. Gentlemen will appreciate the beard trimmer, set extensions for detailed shaving attachment with double foil, comb beard, storage rack, and charger for easy cleaning also cleaning brush and oil pruning.
Quality cordless trimmer
Three shaving heads
Set of steel blades
Four trimming combs
Suitable for the treatment of the whole body
beard trimmer
Set extenders close shave
Extension double foil
Comb beard
Stand with charger
Cleaning brushes with oil promazávacím
Cutting height: 3-12 mm
Cutting width: 30 mm
Operating time: 60 minutes
Face & Head Grooming