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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to fully comply with the EU Legislation on Product Warrantees, Pambos Th Electronics LTD (the Company) offers a limited 2-year warranty to the buyer of the product (the Customer).  This limited warranty is in force as of the date of purchase.  In case the product is replaced, the term of warranty shall continue to be in force for the rest of the two-year period.

1.     During the term of warranty, Pambos Th Electronics LTD, at its discretion, shall repair or replace free of charge the faulty product. Pambos Th Electronics LTD shall return the repaired product or another product to the buyer in operational condition.  In case of product repair, the faulty part/s shall be replaced.

2.    In order for the limited warranty to be in force the buyer is obliged to return electrical products to our local store as stated on our contact page, with proof of purchase for repair.

In cases of white appliances, ie., refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, etc contact our Customer Service Department on

+357-25387352 or via email on info@pamboselectronics.com

Our experienced service team will visit you within maximum 2 working days.

3.    The said limited warranty is not valid in cases of normal wear and tear as well as in the following cases:
•    The defect was caused because the product was used in a manner contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions, the product was exposed to extreme thermal or environmental conditions, humidity, erosion, oxidation, non-authorised alterations or connections, non-authorised opening or repair, repair with the use of non-authorised parts, misuse, inappropriate installation, accident, natural phenomena, food or liquid or other actions beyond the reasonable control of Pambos Th Electronics LTD
•    The product serial number or the IMEI number have been removed, erased, altered or are impossible to read.
•    The defect was caused because the product was used or connected to an accessory that is incompatible with the technical features of the device/appliance
4.     The said limited warranty is the sole and exclusive means of customer satisfaction against Pambos Th Electronics LTD and the sole and exclusive obligation of Pambos Th Electronics LTD towards the customer for defects or malfunctions of the product.  The said limited warranty replaces all other warranties and obligations, either oral or written (non-compulsory), by law, contractual, wrongful or others. Pambos Th Electronics LTD shall in no case be responsible for any accidental, incidental or indirect damage, expenses or costs.

Returns Policy:

  • Changes for the products can be made only with a presentation of a proof of purchase, provided that they have not be used and the product condition is as its been originaly be purchased and that the product elapsed period of seven (7) working days.

In more detail, the right to return starts from the day of receiving the goods, not before delivery, and it involves returning all the documentation required from completing the purchase and ensuring that products are handled with care and are kept in good condition under your responsibility until received by us in the location indicated by us, with all delivery and shipping costs to be incurred by the customer.

The right of return is not valid and does not apply in the following cases:

-When the products are used (installation, operating position, entry registration products, setting accessory parts).

-In case of products from categories Sound & Vision, which were unsealed and are removed from packaging.

-Where products are not suitable for return after opened for hygienic reasons (shaving-epilator machines, electric toothbrushes, cookware, etc.).

-Where products are returned without packaging or damaged packaging.

-Where products are intended for professional activities.

The client to make use of the right of our returns policy, must inform the company of its decision by mail or email. Furthermore, the customer must deliver the returned item to the company within the agreed period incurring all delivery and shipping costs.

For a valid return under its terms and conditions described above and after receipt and inspection of the product(s) returned, the customer will be credited with a credit note equal value to the price of products originally purchased and to be used on one of your next purchases.

  • Payment in the shop 
    • You can pay for your order in our shop at Agias Philaxeos 141, 3083 Limassol
  • Cash on delivery
  • Installation (i.e. Fitting) Products from Sound & Vision
    • Unboxing the product
    • Tuning of the available channels, in the order indicated (provided proper antenna operation)
    • Connecting the device with existing audio and sound devices, if they are compatible (provided corresponding cables)
    • Indicate usage and basic functions
    Installation (i.e. Fitting) Products from Categories White Appliances
    • Unboxing the product
    • Install and connect the device to a place designated, provided that all the conditions have been fulfilled (i.e. electricity, water & drainage).
    • Indicate usage and basic functions.
    • In case a fork lift is needed, then the customer is obliged to pay the amount.
  • The charge for installation of air conditioners is € 100 for 9000 & 1200 BTU and € 140 for 18000 & 24000 BTU.   Installation of Air Conditioners: Where additional work is required, the technician’s charges to customers will be as follows:
    • Chemical refrigeration purging with nitrogen in case of provisions. – € 20.00 each.
    • Installation based on EAC rules (switches, cable and your presence in control) – € 50.00 each OR the customer can come with a conciliation with the technician
    • Removing an air conditioner (9000-24000BU) – € 20.00 each OR the customer can come with a conciliation with the technician
    • Installation with a distance between indoor and outdoor units in excess of 3 meters € 18.00 per extra meter.
    • Trunking installation 100 × 50 for pipe cover, € 12.00 per meter.
    • Internal Heat Switch – € 25.00 each.
    • Installation of an outdoor unit metal base: 9000-12000BU – € 30.00 18000-24000BU –           €40.00 If you need a Forklift the customer must pay – € 60

    ***In order to complete the ordering of the product, the purchaser must present a contract for the installation of the system by a certified fluorinated gas operator (or company)***

    PLEASE NOTE: The installation is carried out by our collaborator technicians, therefore the customer is obliged to pay directly to them – *** 19% VAT IS NOT INCLUDED! ***