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Tesla washing machine 8kg 1400 rpm wf81492m


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The washing machine from the manufacturer Tesla, has a drum capacity suitable for up to 8 kilograms of laundry, and can meet the needs of a family of four. It is a front-loading machine, which means that the clothes are loaded through the door at the front of the appliance, which is the most common type of washing machines.


• Energy Class B:

It is of energy class B, which means that it offers overall relatively low consumption, thus saving money over time.


• Number of Programs:

It has 15 options of different programs, so you can adjust the washing according to the type of clothes you have placed in the drum.


• Digital Display:

The digital display shows all the necessary information, such as the time or the selected washing program. All the settings and information about the operation of the washing machine are easy to select and recognize on the screen.


• Delay Start Program:

With the delay start program, you can now schedule the washing of your clothes for another time during the day or night. Simply select the program and the time you want the washing to start, without worrying about unpleasant odors created by wet clothes that have been left in the drum until drying. You also save time and energy by setting the washing during off-peak hours.


• Number of Rounds:

The maximum number of rounds that can operate corresponds to 1400 revolutions per minute. When the rounds are high, the clothes come out drier and thus the drying time is reduced. This is even more valuable when drying is done later in a dryer, as it saves money and time. Indicatively, cotton and mixed fabrics can be washed in a program with 1000 rounds, while more delicate fabrics such as wool and silk in a program with 600 rounds.


Energy Consumption: 55kwh/100 cycles

Water Consumption: 48lt/cycle

Turns: 1400per minute

Height: 85cm

Depth: 56.5cm

Width: 59.5cm



***If you choose the option of Delivery and Installation; it includes: FITTING on the Existing Provisions!

What does not include:
Hydraulic setup
Electrical setup
Water supply & sewerage extensions
Cutting-shaping furniture