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Amica – oven retro – black 1197.3eetrdqs 77ltrs


Amica Retro Oven in sleek black – model 1197.3EETRDQS – a perfect blend of vintage aesthetics and modern functionality. With a generous 77-liter capacity, this oven provides ample space for all your cooking needs. Its retro design exudes timeless elegance, while advanced features ensure precise and efficient cooking every time. Whether you’re baking, roasting, or grilling, this oven delivers consistent performance with style. Elevate your kitchen with the Amica Retro Oven in black and bring a touch of retro charm to your culinary adventures!

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RETRO OVEN 1197.3eetrdqs



Rapid Preheating

Ring heater and roaster on. Use to preheat the oven.



Only fan is on and all heaters are off.


Fan and combined grill on

When the knob is turned to this posi-tion, the oven activates the combined grill and fan function. In practice, this function allows the grilling process to be speeded up and an improvement in the taste of the dish. You should only use the grill with the oven door shut.


Enhanced roaster (super roaster)

In this setting both roaster and top heater are on. This increases temperature in the top part of the oven’s interior, which makes it suitable for browning and roasting of larger portions of food.


Roaster on.


Roasting is used for cooking of small portions of meat: steaks, schnitzel, fish, toasts, Frankfurter sausages, (thickness of roasted dish should not exceed 2-3 cm and should be turned over during roasting).


Bottom heater on

When the knob is set to this position the oven is heated using only the bottom heater. Baking of cakes from the bottom until done (moist cakes with fruit stuffing).


Top and bottom heaters on

Set the knob in this position for conventional baking. This setting is ideal for baking cakes, meat, fish, bread and pizza (it is necessary to preheat the oven and use a baking tray) on one oven level.


Convection with ring heating element

Setting the knob in this position allows the oven to be heated up by a heating element with air circulation forced by a rotating fan fitted in the central part of the back wall of the of and chamber.


Lower baking temperatures than in the conventional oven can be used.

Heating the oven up in this manner ensures uniform heat circulation around the dish being cooked in the oven.


Top heater, bottom heater and fan are on.

This knob setting is most suitable for baking cakes. Convection baking (recommended for baking).


Convection with ring heating element and bottom heater on

With this setting the convection fan and bottom heater are on, which increases the temperature at the bottom of the cooked dish. Intense heat from the bottom, moist cakes, pizza.


Independent oven lighting

Set the knob in this position to light up the oven interior.


Eco fan assisted heating

This is an optimised heating function designed to save energy when preparing food. At this knob position, the oven lighting is off.