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Adler ad 7808 oil-filled radiator 9 ribs 2000W


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A very efficient oil-filled radiator. It helps when there is a need to heat up a room where there are no heaters or the ones that are there are not efficient enough. It is indispensable when there occurs a breakdown of the heating system. The radiator gives the possibility to regulate the temperature. For safety the device is equipped with an overheat protection. The radiator has an elegant shape thanks to which it does not visually bother when placed at home or at the office where guests or customers come by. The oil-filled radiator AD 7808 has 9 fins and is rated at 2000W.


Smooth temperature control

Overheat protection

Indicator light

9 fins

Power: 2000W

Power supply: 220-240V ~50/60Hz