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Adler ad 6417 electric pot 5in1


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The 5-in-1 electric pot is a device that cooks food without using a traditional cooker. Adler 6417 is an ideal solution for people who want dishes not to lose their taste and health values ​​during cooking. The double-layer casing with a built-in stainless steel pot keeps the heat longer, and the glass lid allows you to watch the cooking progress. Despite the fact that the device is hot during operation, the convenient handles of the housing and cover allow comfortable use. The glass lid is made of safe tempered glass, it makes it easy to supervise the cooking process without opening the bowl. The volume of the bowl – 1.9 liters – allows you to prepare a one-pot dish for 2-3 people.

The two-layer housing with built-in stainless steel pot keeps the warm for longer

5 functions:

– boiling water for hot drinks

– cooking soup

– cooking pasta / rice / sausages

– cooking 5 eggs using the included stand

– steaming vegetables using a steel strainer

Adjusting the cooking intensity by turning the knob

The glass lid allows you to observe the progress of cooking

Detachable power cord useful in tourism

1.0L capacity for boiling water

Total volume 1.9L

Keep warm function

Power: 780-900W

Power supply: 220-240V 50-60Hz

Plug Type: E / F

White color

Housing raw material: Stainless steel / Glass / Plastic