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Blaupunkt eks802wh-inox kettle, overheat protection, bpa-free white


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The kettle is the basic appliance in every household. Increasingly, it also becomes an element of interior design, so that users often have the esthetic values of the device to guide their purchasing decisions.

Blaupunkt’s EKS802WH water boiler meets the needs of the most demanding users who appreciate the white-painted stainless steel housing, the elegant line and above all the functionality.

The appliance has a high output of up to 3000 W, which was designed to ensure efficient operation of the water kettle and quick boiling of water, and to reduce the waiting time for hot tea or coffee compared to conventional water-based stoves with a capacity of 2000 W. Its capacity of 1.8 l (at least 0.8 l) ensures that all your guests can drink a hot drink.Thanks to the rotatable base, which hides the heating in the flat floor, this device is very comfortable in daily use. And you don’t have to think about the water you put in for your tea – the kettle switches off automatically when the water has boiled.

The built-in overheat protection and the Strix controller with which the kettle is equipped also guarantee the safety of use. The water level indicator allows the user to control the amount of water, while the temperature indicator guarantees that you can select the right temperature for the selected tea type. The built-in scale filter ensures that the deposits do not get into the cup.


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Highlights & Details


Two-sided water level indicator

Overheating protection

Made of high quality plastic



Made of high quality plastic (BPA-free)

two-sided water level indicator

Button for automatic opening of the lid

Automatic switch-off when boiling the water

Overheating protection

Anti-scale filter

Rotating base, flat bottom

Strix regulator