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Different from conventional fryers and good for

healthy cooking

• 360° Hot and hi-speed air circulation technology

• Healthy and uses 80% less fat than a conventional fryer

• 12 Preset functions

• 2 frying baskets, independent and perfect for

cooking 2 dishes at the same time and with

separation between them, to maintain the aroma

and its own flavor

• Stainless steel internal cavity

• Auto reminder of shaking the food half way

through cooking process

• The intelligent “Smart Finish” system, to finish

cooking different dishes at the same time, and

“Match Cook” to cook large quantities, by using

both baskets together

• With digital LED light display & touch control panel

• Recipe book included

• Includes silicone tong made of BPA free


• Fully-adjustable temperature control from 50°C –

200°C (dehydratador 50° – 80°C)

• Timer with auto off function in the time range of

1-60 min, Except dehydrator from (30 minutes to 24hrs)

• With overheat protection

• With cool touch handle for user safety

• With anti-skid feet