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Taurus Vitara 3000 Vacuum Cleaner

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Taurus Vitara 3000, the vacuum cleaner that guarantees you perfect results. Its compact design makes it a very easy to store vacuum cleaner and its Dual Pro Air Nozzle is perfect for any surface, be it hard floors, carpets or parquet. HighLights Energy Eco System: The Vitara 3000 bag vacuum cleaner is capable of vacuuming all types of surfaces with high efficiency and minimal consumption. Eliminate dirt in an easy and practical way with this powerful vacuum cleaner, its structure prevents air loss and allows you to focus all your energy from the tube to the motor to achieve good cleaning results. Low consumption efficiency is ensured with Vitara 3000, a powerful bagged vacuum cleaner that saves on electricity bills. Compact design: Vitara 3000 is a bagged vacuum cleaner with a compact and lightweight design, perfect for taking up minimal space. If you have a home where space is a factor to take into account, stay with the Vitara 3000 vacuum cleaner. A powerful vacuum cleaner that has nothing to envy to vacuum cleaners of other categories, its performance manages to obtain perfect cleaning results with minimal consumption energetic. Small, light and efficient. Dual Proair Nozzle: The shoe that comes with the Vitara 3000 vacuum cleaner has been specially designed for cleaning all types of floors: carpets, rugs, hard floors and parquet. This shoe has at its base a retractable brush adjustable to two heights to achieve efficient results. The brush out is recommended for hard floors and the brush in is recommended for carpets and rugs. Get the best results! Features Energy Eco System: high efficiency and low consumption Dual Pro air shoe for all types of surfaces: hard floors, parquet and carpets Bag capacity: 2L Metal telescopic tubes Lance and brush

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