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Severin ES 3571 Slow Juicer 150 W, 1 Liter, Grey-Metallic-Black/Stainless Steel


Slow juicing allows for better preservation of vitamins, minerals and enzymes than conventional juicers.

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Product Description

Juice it yourself – With this compact SEVERIN Slow Juicer ES 3571 fresh home-made juices are easily made: healthy and delicious. Juice extraction at slow speed keep the natural taste of the fruits and vegetables and preserves vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The 1 litre juice and 1.3 litre pulp containers allow to process large quantities of fruit. Two stainless steel strainers with fine and large meshes and a frozen fruit insert make this slow juicer a multitalent. Beside delicious juices also tasty sorbet, ice cream and jam can be made and even tomatoes for pizza can be strained in almost no time.. It’s weight of approximately 3.9 kg and non-slip feet ensure a safe stand during use. All attachments are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe. The included cleaning brush helps in case of sticky dirt. The Slow Juicer comes with a QR code that leads to a large selection of delicious and healthy recipes on our homepage.

Box Contains

1 x Severin ES 3571
1 x juice container
1 x pulp container
2 x sieve inserts, fine and coarse
1 x frozen fruit insert
1 x cleaning brush




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