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Samsung vacuum cleaner type vacuum cleaner VCC45W0S3R/XEH

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Model: VCC45W0S3R
Power: 700 W

Capacity: 1.3 L

Filter Type: HEPA

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Model: VCC45W0S3R
Power: 700 W

Capacity: 1.3 L

Filter Type: HEPA

Energy Class: A

Vacuum cleaner VCC45W0S3R with bucket, energy class A.

Two chambers, twice the cleanliness: Samsung’s Twin Chamber SystemTM separates the regular dust chamber into two parts, giving improved cleaning and more durability.
Economical and Easy: The Twin Chamber System relieves you of the extra effort to find and buy the right bags for your vacuum cleaner.
Breathe easily. Literally: Samsung uses HEPA filter to ensure cleaner output when wiping. By retention of microparticles such as dust and other allergens such as pollen and mold, HEPA filters provide a much cleaner and healthier environment.
Three simple steps are all you need: Three simple steps are only needed to complete the job. Just press a button, pull out the dustbin and empty it with a simple movement of your wrist.
Tread: Main (2 steps) NB930
Components: Accessories for grooves / angles and dusting
Useful functions: Automatic cable winding Exhaust filter Motor protection
Cable length: 6 m
Action radius: 9.2m


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