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Samsung mg23f301tas microwave with grill 1100w



Capacity: 23 L

Power : 750 W

Grill Function: Available

Color: Silver/Black

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Samsung MG23F301TAS Microwave features 23L capacitywith grill  in inox-black color. Features  LED digital display,  automatic cooking function , quick defrost, microwave distribution system with a rotating surface and  sound operation completion notice.

Main characteristics
Capacity: 23L
Heat source: Grill
Grill Power: 1100W
Microwave Power: 750W
Steps Microwave Power: 6
• Inner oven material: Ceramic enamel
Control method: Tact & Dial
Door opening type: handle
• Microwave distribution system: By rotating surface
Round base baking
Display Type: LED
Audio alarm function integration
Maximum cooking time: 99 minutes
Automatic cooking mode
• Function 30 seconds extra
Quick defrost function
• Select Clock [12h / 24h]
Technical specifications
Power consumption (microwave): 1200 W
Color: STS Silver and Glass Black
Internal Dimension (H × W × D): 21.1X33.5X32.4CM
External Dimension (H × W × D): 27.5X49.0X39.2CM


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