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Midea Ultimate Comfort Inverter Air Condition 9.000Btu A++/A+++


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WiFi Smart Inverter 

Capacity (Btu/h): 9.000 BTU

Cooling (Btu/h): 3.500 Р11.000

Heating (Btu/h): 2.800 Р11.500

A++ Cooling Energy Class 

Inverter Quattro Technology

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Midea MT-09N8D6 air conditioner from the Ultimate Comfort Series offers you great air quality and humidity control thanks to Smart Sensor Technology and SilkyCool function, while the Wi-Fi option allows you to control your air conditioner remotely via tablet or smartphone.

  • Humidity control¬†: Midea’s smart sensor technology detects your room temperature and humidity levels.¬†The application makes it possible to adjust the desired relative humidity level from 30% to 90%.
  • Silky Cool¬†: The Coanda Deflector diffuser directs the air flow upward to the roof to be distributed throughout the room, avoiding user exposure to the air stream.¬†What a pioneering windscreen Wind Sprayer with hundreds of holes, evenly diffuses the supplied air as a gentle caress, giving a silky feeling of coolness that calms you.
  • Super Ionizer¬†: Eliminates odors, dust, smoke and pollen particles, releasing anions and cations, offering fresh air and a healthy environment.
  • WiFi¬†¬†Application:¬†Control your air conditioner and schedules easily through the Smart Devices app.¬†You can turn on your air conditioner before arriving at home so that you can get the perfect temperature later on.
  • Air¬†Quality:¬†¬†Ionisation, High Density and Bio Filter filters completely eliminate harmful substances, providing fresh and clean air.
  • Intuitive¬†¬†User Interface:¬†¬†With a simple touch of the screen, you can easily turn your air conditioner on or off and set the operating temperature.
  • Intelligent¬†Diagnosis:¬†¬†Midea’s¬†Smart¬†¬†Diagnostic¬†Mode is an automatic control system that monitors and detects 97 different error codes at an early stage and alerts you through the SmartPhone / Tablet application.
  • Follow Me:¬†Follow Me, makes you feel comfortable every hour after automatically adjusting the air conditioner’s ambient temperature according to the smart sensor on the wireless controller.¬†
  • Super¬†Cool:¬†¬†With a simple touch, you can turn on Super Cool mode and set the room temperature to 17 ¬į C
  • GA StepLess¬†Comfort Technology:¬†The air conditioner operating system is parameterized based on actual room conditions and data, achieving uncomplicated adaptation across the compressor speed range.
  • Gear Change¬†Mode:¬†With Gear Change, Midea air conditioners offer the choice of three levels of savings of 50%, 75% and 100%.
  • iECO¬†Mode:¬†Midea air conditioners have iECO energy saving technology, which allows for comfort for an 8-hour period with increased levels of savings.¬†IECO is available only when cooling is in operation.
  • Smart¬†SleepMode:¬†Choose one of the sleeping functions that is designed for seniors, youngsters and kids, or just create your own.
  • Quick¬†Cooling & Heating:¬†Midea Inverter Quattro air conditioners use fast start technology with powerful cold or hot air to achieve instant comfort.
  • Triple Filter:¬†The air conditioner features a triple filter system to protect against harmful particles.¬†Your application reminds you of their cleaning time.
  • Cooling-Heating¬†: Super Cool |¬†Turbo Mode |¬†Wide Angle¬†Air Distribution¬†| Quick¬†Cooling / Heating |¬†Minimum Heat 8 ¬įC |¬†Auto Restart |¬†Low Ambient Heating (-25 ¬į)
  • Energy Consumption¬†: Gear Change |¬†iECO |¬†Standby <1W | Energy Control
  • Comfort: Sweet Dreams |¬†Silky Cool |¬†Low Noise¬†|¬†Humidity control | Favorite Cool |¬†Follow Me |¬†GA Stepless Technology |¬†Do Not Disturb |¬†Anti-cold air |¬†Smart Dehumidification |¬†Smart Defrost
  • Clean Air: Air Magic |¬†Super Ionizer | High Density Filter |¬†Triple Filter |¬†Bio filter |¬†Self-cleaning
  • Smart Technologies¬†: Wi-Fi Control |¬†Weekly Timetables |¬†Smart Sleep Mode¬†|¬†Intelligent Diagnosis¬†|¬†i-Remote / Hotel Menu¬†Location of blinds
  • Strength-Reliability¬†: Diamond Cabinet Housing |¬†Fin Protection¬†|¬†Golden Fin |¬†Emergency Use¬†|¬†Leak Detection
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency¬†(SEER)¬†Cooling: 8.2
  • Seasonal efficiency coefficient¬†(SCOP)¬†Heating (warm):¬†4.6
  • Indoor Unit Noise Level (Hi / Mi / Lo / Si):¬†39,5/30/21/19,5 dB (A)
  • Indoor Unit Sound (Hi): 54 dB (A)
  • Outside Unit Noise Level: 55.5 dB (A)
  • Outside Audible Output:¬†57 dB (A)
Dimensions & Weight
  • Indoor¬†Unit (HxWxD):¬†315x886x188 mm
  • Outdoor Unit (HxWxD):¬†554x800x330 mm
  • Indoor¬†Unit:¬†10.3 kg
  • Outdoor¬†Unit: 29.1 kg



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