Midea JL1645T Water Purifier ~ Dispenser


General Information:

  • Factory Model No: JL1645T-C
  • Power Supply Voltage & Frequency (V/Hz): 220V,60Hz/115V, 60Hz
  • Power Comsuption: 530W
  • Total Water Tank Capacity (1t): 2.5L?1.5L cold tank?1.0L hot tank)
  • Cold Water Output: ≥1.2L/min
  • Hot Water Output: ≥1.2L/min

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3 temperature choices

UV Filter & Double Active Carbon Filter

Change Filter Reminder

Maximum chlorine reduction

3 temperature choices (cold / hot / lukewarm)

UV light antibacterial

Change Filter Reminder

Maximum chlorine reduction

Active Block Filter with NSF certificate

Touch Technology

Voltage Supply & Frequency (V / Hz): 220V, 60Hz / 115V, 60Hz

Power: 530 Watt

Water Capacity: 2.5 liters cold / 1 liter warm

Cold Water Output: 1.2 liters / min

Hot water outlet: 1.2 liters / min

Filter Type: Carbon Block Filter 5678L

Cleaning Performance

Particular removable: <99.7%

Sweets / Flavors: Removed

Visible objects: Removed

Chlorine Reduction: <97.4%

Cysts: <99.99%

Cooling & Heating Performance

Cooling Capacity (1t / hr): 3L / H – 10 ° C

Cooling Power: 100W

Hot Water Capacity (1t / hr): 4L / H & Gge; 85C

Heating Power: 420W


Depth: 435 cm

Height: 425 cm

Width: 260 cm


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