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Midea blanc inverter air condition 18000btu r32 2018 A++/A+++

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The new Midea MA-18NXD0 air conditioner from Blanc Series will surprise you with the innovative features, design and performance . With Quattro Inverter technology and the new enviromently friendly gas R32, it offers you maximum energy savings and guaranteed performance, certified by Eurovent .

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Super Ionizer : Eliminates odors, dust, smoke and pollen particles, offering fresh air and a healthy environment.

Follow Me: Follow Me, makes you feel comfortable every hour after automatically adjusting the air conditioner’s ambient temperature according to the smart sensor on the wireless controller.

Super Cool: With a simple touch, you can turn on Super Cool mode and set the room temperature to 17 ° C

GA StepLess Comfort Technology: The air conditioner operating system is parameterized based on actual room conditions and data, achieving uncomplicated adaptation across the compressor speed range.

Gear Change Mode: With Gear Change, Midea air conditioners offer the choice of three levels of savings of 50%, 75% and 100%.

iECO Mode: Midea air conditioners have iECO energy saving technology, which allows for comfort for an 8-hour period with increased levels of savings. IECO is available only when cooling is in operation.

Smart SleepMode: Choose one of the sleeping functions that is designed for seniors, youngsters and kids, or just create your own.

Quick Cooling & Heating: Midea Inverter Quattro air conditioners use fast start technology with powerful cold or hot air to achieve instant comfort.

3D air distribution: The air of the air conditioner reaches every corner of the room with the automatic four-way swing of the blinds.

Triple Filter: The air conditioner features a triple filter system to protect against harmful particles. Your application reminds you of their cleaning time.

Diamond Cabinet Housing: The spiral shaped outlet grille and redesigned and optimized impeller, improve the air flow and reduce noise. The “T” configuration cover optimizes the enclosure stability.

Golden Fin Protection: Golden Fin fin is a Coating that prevents the growth and spread of bacteria from the surfaces of the external element. It also improves heat dissipation characteristics and reduces defrosting time.


Cooling-Heating : Super Cool | Quick Cooling / Heating | Vertical Swing of Blinds | Minimum Heat 8 °C | Auto Restart

Energy Consumption : Gear Change | iECO | Standby <1W

Comfort : Favorite Cool | Follow Me | GA Stepless Technology | Do Not Disturb | Anti-

cold air | Smart Dehumidification | Smart Defrost

Clean Air : Super Ionizer | High Density Filter | Triple Filter | Bio filter | Self-cleaning

Mode | Intelligent Diagnosis | i-Remote / Hotel Menu Location of blinds

Strength-Reliability : Diamond Cabinet Housing | Fin Protection | Golden Fin | Emergency Use | Leak Detection


Seasonal Energy Efficiency (SEER) Cooling: 6.6

Seasonal efficiency coefficient (SCOP) Heating (warm): 5.1

Indoor Unit Noise Level (Hi / Mi / Lo / Si): 43/36/30/22 dB (A)

Indoor Unit Sound (Hi): 58 dB (A)

Outside Unit Noise Level: 56.5 dB (A)

Outside Audible Output: 65 dB (A)

Dimensions & Weight

Indoor Unit (HxWxD): 302x958x223 mm

Outdoor Unit (HxWxD): 554x800x333 mm

Indoor Unit: 10.3 kg

Outdoor Unit: 34 kg




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