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Matestar MAT12AS Ice Maker 15Kg/24HOUR 150W

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Ice Making Capacity: 15 Kg/24h

Power: 150W

Ice Cube Sizes: 1

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Matestar MAT12AS Ice Maker capable of producing 15kg ice per day, compact and practical, ideal for home, office or camping!

Product Features

Fast production and simple use at the touch of a button
Autonomous operation that does not require a water connection, simply fill with water 1.7L tank
10-15kg of ice / 24h, about 90gr (9 ice cubes) / 10min
Audible warning and indicator through the lamps LED when the ice container is full or the water tank is empty
Power saving mode automatically turns off when the program is completed
Electronic control start / stop
3 LEDs: operation when the ice container is full and when the water tank is empty
Lid box, to control the production of the container
Low noise

Technical Specifications

Ambient Temperature: 10-40 o C
Gas: R600A
Climate Order: SN | N | ST
Ice Storage Capacity: 1.1Kg
Dimensions (WxHxD): 297x378x367mm




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