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MATESTAR Ballu APOLLO Digital Inverter MAT-AT2000BK


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The Apollo Digital INVERTER series of convectors is the most modern and innovative climate technology, dressed in a stylish, unique design with three color options.

Apollo Digital INVERTER is the only convector in the world with a designer design in wear-resistant and fire-resistant fabric.
Moon gray – the metal body is covered in gray fabric, the chassis is painted in the same color with a dull matte sheen.
Space black is a darker version of the fabric covering. It looks organic in dark interiors and contrasts in light ones.
Black Infinity is an absolutely black metal case for Hi-tech style interiors.

Apollo series devices are equipped with a modern silent heating element HEDGEHOG, which reaches operating temperature 20% faster, has ultra-compact dimensions and an increased heat transfer area.
Convectors of the Digital INVERTER series are equipped with innovative, energy-saving control units of the latest generation. When using an inverter unit equipped with a full-size color display, capacitive touch buttons and an open window sensor, energy savings of up to 70% are achieved.
In addition, these units have their own built-in Wi-Fi module, which greatly simplifies the process of connecting to the network and allows you to control the convector through the HOMMYN mobile application.
Apollo is a new name in heating.