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FUJIKA – Famous Kerosene Heater for world wide customers


The Portable Kerosene Heater can help you reduce your total home heating costs as well as provide warmth to those hard-to-heat areas. The heat output is adjustable with a simple dial control for your safety. This heater operates without electricity and offers an excellent source of emergency heat and light during power outages.


Full Tank Capacity: 5.3 liters (Safety tank)

Max. Fuel Consumption: 0.24-0.28 liter/hour

Wide Heat Output Adjustable Range: 800 ~ 2,200Kcal/hour

Heat output: 9000BTU/hr

Continuous combustion duration: about 18-19 hours

Heating area: 15/m²

Ignition type: Match

Dimensions: 325x325x482cm

– Professional Manufacturer with 50 years experiences!

– Safe & Economical!

– Portable & Long-Life!

– Radiant!

– Advanced Technology with Patent Designed Chimney!