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Canon AS-220RTS Desktop Calculator


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With its complete functions, the 12-digit computer AS-220RTS is useful in any business or accounting environment. The business calculation key handles cost sales margins with one touch. Check and Correct can hold up to 120 calculation steps in its memory, with the Auto Check key scrolling through each step in a row. Allowing users to view calculations, make changes, and resubmit. In addition, all the normal keys required for the efficiency of the calculation, including the percentage, the change of plate and the separate keys 0 and 00.

Compact and professional style

With the curved body of the bow, the AS-220RTS, 134 mm wide, is compact enough to be portable and fit in the palm of your hand. Designed for general use, with a smart finish, it looks just as professional on any desk or shelf.
Strong environmental credentials
With the AS-220RTS you can choose style and sustainability. This is because Canon recycles materials for
to make some of the plastic parts.

Energy efficient

For reliable operation, this computer has solar battery power. Ensures reliable use in all lighting and ambient conditions. When not in use for 7 minutes, the “auto shut-off” function turns off the calculator, saving further battery resources.

Large adjustable screen panel

It may be compact, but the AS-220RTS has a large LCD screen. Tilt and tilt the frame to suit personal comfort and lighting conditions for clearer indications and to stop glare and reflections.

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