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Camry cr 6410 slow cooker 6,5l


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Slow cooker is a device that cooks food at a lower temperature than traditional cooking. The slow cooker CR6410 is an ideal solution for people who want the dishes do not lose their taste and health values ​​during cooking. Meals prepared in the slow cooker are rich in microelements and vitamins that are destroyed during traditional cooking at temperatures close to the boiling point. The removable ceramic bowl is easy to clean. Its natural raw material does not change the taste of dishes and guarantees even distribution of heat and long-term maintenance in the dish. Although the device is hot during operation, the thermo-insulated handles of housing and lid allow for comfortable use. The glass lid is made of safety tempered glass, makes it easier to supervise the cooking process without opening the bowl. The volume of the bowl – 6.5 liters – allows you to prepare a one-pot meal for a large family or for 2 days.

The device has two levels of cooking temperature: low and high, which you can match to the type of cooked food. The delayed start function allows you to start cooking while you are still at work, so that a warm, aromatic and healthy dish awaits you at home. The WARM function is extremely practical – maintaining the temperature so that the dish is ready to serve at any time, eg during the party. From practice – a stewed cabbage prepared in a slow cooker – boiled 10 hours on the LOW mode tastes like a grandma’s stewed cabbage, prepared for several days, alternating cooking and cooling. For the preparation of meat dishes, stews, meatballs, the device will work on the LOW mode and time of 8 hours. The pasta dish (spaghetti bolognese) tastes great when the volunteer is set to 4 hours in HIGH mode. Soups, broths and lecho will surprise you with the depth of taste after 6 hours of cooking in HIGH mode. The bowl and lid are dishwasher-safe. For your convenience, the device is equipped with a timer program in the range of 30 minutes to 24 hours of cooking.

Slow cooker

Juicy meals with a distinctive taste

Maximum minerals and vitamins in cooked meals

Capacity 6.5 liters – up to 10 servings

Removable ceramic pot

Tempered glass lid

Lid & Pot dishwasher safety

3-stage power regulation

Keeping warm function

Delay start function

LCD display

Timer 0.5 – 24 hours

Cool touch handles

Non-slip feet

300W power

Maximum power: 600W

Voltage: 220-240V 50/60 Hz

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