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Camry cr 4008 citrus juicer


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A nice citrus juicer that has 40 W of power. It allows to quickly and efficiently prepare a fresh juice of lemons, oranges or grapefruits. The sieve placed on a pot stops the pulp and the stones preventing them from getting to the juice. Thanks to the right and left rotation every drop will be extracted from the fruit. A very practical and convenient solution is the fact that the device turns on automatically when there is a pressure put on it and it turns off when the fruit is removed. A safety cover prevents the juice from splashing on a table or throughout a kitchen. The citrus juicer CR 4008 has two press cones that match the fruit of different diameters. The capacity of 1l makes it possible to prepare the juice for the whole family at one go. Power cable compartment. Pulp control sieve. All parts beside motor part are dishwasher safe.

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