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The SSP701 model produces steam in a high power boiler in the iron. Water is supplied by the pump from the tank in the station to the heating element, from where it is directed towards the steam holes in the iron soleplate with a pressure of up to 5.5 bar and a steam flow of up to 135 g / min. Such efficiency ensures proper loosening of the fibers and perfect smoothing of the fabrics. The ironing process with the generator is based on the action of steam, not the weight and temperature of the iron, so that the ironed fabrics will look like new for longer.

The device is equipped with two ranges of steam regulation and automatic iron foot temperature regulation. Controlling these functions is extremely simple and is done via the electronic panel on the iron and the button on the steam generator. A special option is the additional steam function, activated by pressing the steam button twice.
The iron has been equipped with a ceramic alloy, because it is ceramics as a material that works best in devices whose elements are regularly exposed to high temperatures. It guarantees a slight movement of the iron on fabrics, favorably affecting the comfort of ironing. It is also highly scratch resistant and does not collect dirt.
Water tank with a capacity of 1.5 liters with the possibility of refilling while ironing, provides a long time of comfortable work. The iron also has an automatic switch-off function when it remains stationary for 10 minutes. The indicator light and the sleep mode icon will flash and the steam station will beep. To continue ironing, simply press the steam button.

High power: 3200W
Steam rate up to 135 g / min
Steam pressure up to 5.5 bar
Adjustable amount of steam (2 levels)
Automatically adjustable soleplate temperature
Ceramic foot
Water tank 1.5 l, water can be added during ironing
Auto power off function
Electronic control
Power supply: 230-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, power: 2800-3200 W
Dimensions: 32.3 x 19.4 x 23.3cm
Weight: 3 kg

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