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Beko coffee maker grey bkk-2300grey

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Enjoy your coffee easily and quickly with Beko’s automatic coffee maker. You no longer have to wait over the briquette since Beko has a special patented technology to avoid overflow.

Perfect Greek Coffee in 3 easy steps.

Put the desired amount of water, coffee and sugar (up to the special groove inside) on the machine’s special bin.

Place the breadcrumb on the appliance.

Press the button and in 2 minutes enjoy the perfect Greek Coffee.


Great flavor

Unique fragrance

Stylish design

Simple to use

Innovative technology

One-button operation

No oversight is needed

No water tank

Fully automatic machine for Greek coffee preparation

Patented technology to avoid overflow

CookSense system that achieves excellent mixing and smile without the need for shuffling

Notify when your coffee is ready

Preparation time less than 2 minutes

1-3 cups


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