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ARIETE 1917 ARIETE 1917 MASTER GRILL 3in1 2000 Power 2000 W ▪ Thermostat for baking ▪ Black stainless steel Τικ Non-stick slabs with ease of cleaning Ψη Ability to cook up to 5 portions (Meat or Vegetables) Ματος Baking surface: 30 x 23.5 cm Πάνω Adjustable top plate for baking very thick foods, sandwiches, etc. ▪ Roasted toast and open and flat as grill / barbecue 180 Plate opening 180 ° ▪ Heated exterior & stainless steel handle Λειτουργίας Operation and readiness light Συσκευή The device contains 2 plastic containers for fat collection Βάση Cable storage at the base ▪ Lock ▪ 2 years warranty


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