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Ardes – microwave 20ltrs 6520g with grill


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POWER AND TIMER | The Ardes microwave oven, compact and simple, has a power of 700W and 900W with the Grill function. Thanks to different power levels, it can take advantage of all the cooking functions available. The small microwave oven has a 30-minute timer with a beep when finished.

METHOD OF USE | The Ardes microwave oven is ideal for preparing, reheating or defrosting dishes quickly. Compact and simple to use, the microwave oven is useful in preparing simple or complex dishes when you are short on time and need a practical and effective solution.

COOKING METHOD | The Ardes small microwave oven is equipped with 9 cooking functions: 5 microwave functions (Low-Defrost-Med-M.High-High), 1 Grill function, 3 combined Grill + microwave functions. Thanks to the knob you can easily select the desired mode. The turntable, supplied inside the microwave oven, allows you to cook various types of food evenly.

DIMENSIONS AND FEATURES | The Ardes small microwave oven has a capacity of 20 liters and a size of 44.6cm x 36.6cm x 24.5cm. The supplied internal plate has a diameter of 24.5cm. The microwave oven is equipped with a 30-minute timer, internal light, 9 cooking functions and has a power of 700W and in Grill mode of 900W.

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