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Adler – ceramic heater 2200w with rc ad7731


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The AD 7731 air heater from the Adler company is suitable for use in various areas of your home (such as the bedroom, a small living room or a warehouse) that you want to heat immediately and for a short period of time.


It is an economical option and can be used either for local heating, or as a supplement along with other heating methods. One of the advantages of the air heater is that it always performs the same, regardless of the temperature outside.


It is ceramic, i.e. it has a ceramic plate instead of a resistance like classic air heaters, which results in faster heat output in the room and at the same time lower energy consumption. It has an adjustable thermostat, to adjust or maintain the temperature of the room at the desired level, throughout the use of the device. You can adjust and choose between 2 levels of heating, depending on the specifics of the room and your personal needs. The possibility of independent operation of the fan (i.e. without activating the heating element) allows you to renew the air in the room or to function as a fan during the summer months.

The timer helps you program its operation and automatically turn on / off at the time you set. In this way, energy costs are reduced, so you save energy and money.

Finally, once the rotation function is activated, it is able to rotate automatically and thus distribute the heat evenly throughout the room.

A remote control is included to conveniently control the air heater from a distance.

It is suitable for spaces up to 22m². For example, the ideal indoor conditions in winter are a temperature of around 21 °C and a relative humidity between 40% – 60%.