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Adler ad 7731 ceramic fan heat tower lcd-remote control-timer promo


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Fan heater with efficient ceramic heater, LCD display and remote control. The built-in thermostat automatically maintains the desired temperature in the room by turning the device on and off as needed. The device has a timer that allows you to set the working time from 1 to 8 hours. LCD display indicates the selected temperature, activation of selected functions. The fan heater heats with power 1200W or 2200W, has a horizontal oscillation function in the 70ยฐ range, a safety switch that automatically cuts off power in the event of the device overturning, protection against overheating and a handle for convenience of carrying. The device is equipped with a remote control.

LCD display

Automatic maintenance of the desired room temperature

Remote control

Timer 1-8 hours

45ยฐ horizontal oscillation

Ceramic heater

Two power levels: 1200W, 2200W

Blowing cold air

Overheat protection

Automatic safety switch

Carrying handle

Heating element cool down function up to 30 seconds

Coverage area up to 20m2

Power supply: 220-240V ~ 50Hz

Power: 2200W

Noise level <50dB

Device dimension: 24x24x64cm

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