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Adler ad 633 steam cooker


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Functional steam cooker with an output of 800 W. Thanks to layered containers, it allows you to prepare several dishes at the same time. The steam generated circulates inside the device, ensuring even heating of all products. An excellent device for people who value light meals without fat. The steamer can be used for both vegetables, meat and fish. It also has built-in stands for cooking eggs. In addition, the steam cooker is characterized by a fast start time of steam generation, which speeds up the preparation of meals. Thanks to the built-in timer, it’s easy to get the right amount of food preparation.
Power 800 W
Three transparent Steam Turbo Steam Tanks
Foldable containers one to another
Built-in stands for cooking eggs
Condensation tank
Turbo Steam overlay
Rice bowl
Capacity of 9 liters
Semi-transparent water container
Internal and external water level indicator
Steam production after 40 seconds from the moment of switching on
The ability to cook several different dishes at the same time
Non-heating handles and lid
Possibility of adding water during cooking
Adjusting the evaporation time, max. 60 min.
Power indicator light